CockyBoys - Eli Bennet & Kane Fox

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This past April I turned 50. It was a milestone because when I was in my 20s, I never thought I’d reach this age. Growing up in the south and being gay seemed like a death sentence: if the rednecks didn’t get you, God would — as many saw AIDS as a “gift from God”.
I did not have authentic “gay sex” well into my second year of college. It was through a gloryhole in the basement of the Newman College men’s bathroom (right next to my girlfriend’s dorm) at Tulane, in New Orleans. I had jacked off several times looking through the carefully chiseled hole, with other guys who were careful to hide their faces, or lean back if you tried too hard to see who was attached to the hard cock and bouncing balls, as we each sought some relief. And these sessions for me would often end as they began: coming and going in shame, worried of being seen, fear of being gay, and unsatisfied that I would never know the pleasure and touch of another person who was like me—who wanted me to touch and see him and in return wanted to touch and see me.
Finally, one day, as I sat and waited, cock in hand, I heard the squeak of the main door open and then a second, as someone hurried into the stall next to me. Next thing I know, I can see someone bending down and looking through the hole, a flash of blond hair, and a piercing blue eye. At first, I was shocked and terrified—afraid that I had been caught and that this may be some kind of raid or crackdown on campus gloryholes. I began to pull my pants up and get decent — the most beautifully full, long and hard cock slid through the hole, it was just wide enough to slip through, but it did take some precision.
A new kind of shock took hold and my fear of being caught was replaced with a new kind of fear: of not knowing what to do. This is what I had dreamed about and wanted, and now here I was with a million thoughts going through my head.
I grabbed it and began to stroke softly. As the cock began to meet my strokes with a thrust, I held on tight, fearful he might get away as I could sense his impatience. “Suck it”, a voice loudly whispered, once again sending me into a new state of arousal and fear. I was desperate to finally feel and do what I wanted so badly but hadn’t because fear of death and damnation.
Without hesitation I wrapped my mouth over the ridged cock saluting me with pride.
I remembered this moment earlier this year, as I began to come to terms with a host of self-realizations that resulted from the inevitable reflection that many of us undertook during our Covid isolation, and it was important because that was the beginning of MY LIFE as a man. A gay man. A man that I would one day be PROUD of.
However, thinking back, I was not proud of him at the time — I was afraid, shamed, and uncertain — but I ran head long into the needed and necessary change (and onto that beautiful cock)! Change is and can be the scariest fucking thing in the world. Our mind hates it, avoids it and will do everything it can to prevent it from happening. But in order to grow and thrive we must change.
And it is with this in mind that I sat down to talk with the young men (who are just my age when I first had real sex) in our new series LETS GET COCKY—to learn who they are, how they are doing, and what have they discovered during their moments of self-reflection and just how they are addressing the changes ahead.
I could not be prouder, touched and inspired by their honesty, awareness and bravery. And I could not be more grateful to them for helping me see and understand, that once again, but now 25 years later, MY LIFE is beginning again, now as a PROUD GAY MAN, happy and I love with myself.
Oh, and you will never believe what happened next during my “understall” encounter, but I will be sure to let you know when we release next week’s installment of LET’S GET COCKY.
Scene Description:
Eli Bennet makes his CockyBoys debut with Kane Fox, who joins him expressing what it means to be "cocky". That means knowing themselves and what they like, while being open to discovering something new. They explore this when they get alone and Kane asks Eli to play the "Make Me Cum" game!
Eli is unfamiliar with this game, but he figures it out once Kane lets his big dick flop out and tells him to "take care of it". Eli happily surprises Kane by easily deep-throating him, following his commands to suck his big balls, and taking his face-fucking. Gleeful Eli already thinks he's winning the game, but Kane isn't ready to declare him the victor. After tugging down Eli's briefs. he moves around to bury his face between his cheeks and eat out his ass.
Once Eli is completely spit-lubed, Kane slides in his cock deep and wraps his arms around him as he fucks him. Kane loves the way he feels inside him and so does Eli who fucks himself Kane's cock. As they are both turned on more, Kane gets them both fully nude and he holds Eli tighter and pounds him harder. Yet he eventually tempers his manhandling with sweetly passionate kisses before flipping him over the loveseat to suck his cock. When asked Eli tells Kane he wants his cock again and Kane takes advantage of his body position to fuck Eli in a slow, deep pile-driver.
Kane son moves Eli and fucks him on his back, taking his time to thrust slow and deep and kiss him with passionate affection. As Eli is in the throes of exhilarating pleasure, Kane focuses his fucking on making Eli cum for him. With Kane's verbal encouragement, Eli shoots a load over his chest and when Kane says he is close too, Eli asks for HE wants: a facial. And so, Kane obliges and gives him an open-mouthed facial and Eli happily sucks on Kane's sensitive cock head. Yes, Eli wins the game and Kane's cum on his face is the prize!
Release Year: 2021
Studio: CockyBoys
Cast: Eli Bennet, Kane Fox
Categories: Gay
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