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It had been a few weeks since Mr. Steele started giving regular "fittings" to his client-turned-boy-toy, Marcus. The silver-fox tailor kept his end of the deal — he made sure that Marcus looked and felt good in everything he wore. The only payment he required was that of the twink's cute little bottom, which the diminutive boy was more than happy to provide with regularity.
Mr. Steele's clients come in all shapes and sizes; some tall, others short, and most of them somewhere in the middle. One such man he met recently was Adrian; Adrian was a jock with a smile that makes one think of summer sunshine. He was taller than Marcus, with a considerably hairier body, but smaller than Mr. Steele. Then again, Mr. Steele, the tall top that he is, thought most men were smaller than him. Put any two men to his side and he would always be bigger.
Adrian had flirted with the Fox before, but nothing had come of it. Not yet, at least. This particular session, however, Adrian's eyes seemed to linger a bit longer on Mr. Steele. When the tailor fit him, he caught sight of his client’s toned form, and felt the jock shudder at his touch, a thought crept into his mind.
The silver-fox's fingers traced down the shirt of the small body boy, tracing the outline of his fur-dotted nipples. Fingering the buttons of his white-collared shirt, Steele leaned over to press a kiss against Adrian's cheek, and whispered into his ear, "I have a boy, even smaller than you, that also loves it when I fit him. Perhaps the three of us could get together..."

The three of them sat in Mr. Steele's bed, excited at the proposition of the threesome. Adrian and Marcus, with the silver daddy's muscular, tattooed arms wrapped tight around their shoulders, removed his silky briefs. They each sat on either side of their tailor — tonight, they were serving him.
Their tongues swirled in a three-way kiss, hands running over one another. When Mr. Steele turned his head, his tongue ran along the underside of Adrian's lean neck, while his other hand forced Marcus down towards his nether-region.
The boy opened wide to accommodate his tailor's considerable size. His head bobbed up and down, and then after an eventual tug at his hair, or a tap on the shoulder, he'd take himself off the shaft and gulp for air. Adrian broke the kiss with Mr. Steele and, with a simple glance of instruction, took Marcus's place in swallowing the silver-fox's cock.
These two alternated the duties of servicing the DILF with great pleasure. In response, Mr. Steele's big hands, the very definition of power and precision, trailed down their flanks and hooked under the bands of each of the boys' underwear. Steele's boys got the signal, and peeled themselves out of their last remaining clothes. Marcus arched. Mr. Steele knelt down beside him and began to rub; first, on the boy's back, and then down to his tight, round butt cheeks.
As much as Steele loved playing with these boys, he wanted to make sure the love was spread evenly. With almost effortless power, he hoisted Adrian up and brought him next to Marcus, pushing their heads together. That gentle nudge was all it took to get them to start making out furiously with each other, tongues and lips vacuum-sealed together in passion. The silver fox sat beside them and kneaded each of their pecs, butts, and flanks — he knew just how sensitive each of their bodies are, and he carefully measured how they fit together.
It did not surprise Mr. Steele to see Adrian take on a more aggressive role with the smaller, more boyish Marcus. Adrian took Marcus to his hairy pit and forced him to bathe in the scent before bending the twink over. Overwhelmed by desire, Adrian inserted himself in and pounded Marcus’ fun-size mercilessly, as if trying to break him in half. The twink, for his part, whimpered and begged for more.
Seeing Marcus folded up like that was exactly the inspiration Mr. Steele needed. After Adrian pulled out, Steele fed his own big cock into the boy's tiny hole. Each thrust from the older man across the walls of Marcus’s prostate shot light into the corner of the small boy’s eyes and lit his synapses on fire. He cried out in ecstasy, but release was not yet his.
Not until Mr. Steele was done.
Mr. Steele laid both of his boys down next to each other on the bed and stood above them, his pendulous balls swinging just above their faces. Without the need for instruction, Adrian and Marcus opened their mouths wide, and slurped the precum dripping from the silver fox's dick.
Steele loved having his two writhing, moaning boys under him. He batted each of their faces and tongues with his dick, stroking the thick, veiny staff just above them. Eventually, the sight of their bodies, nude and bursting with pleasure just for him, drove Mr. Steele to his limit. Steele exploded, his seed glazing each of the boys’ faces and chests.
Mr. Steele took a step back, and admired his work. He brushed the hair out of their faces, and kissed them both. He lingered near their mouths', and let their panting breaths, ragged with pleasure at receiving his DILF milk, wash over his lips…
Release Year: 2022
Studio: FunSizeBoys
Cast: Adrian Rose, Dallas Steele, Marcus
Categories: Gay
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